Looking for Points.


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If you were going to look for artifacts would you look in stream beds, or say the shoreline of lake alatoona since the lake is down so far?

I just dunno where to begin.

I know look in freshly turned earth after a rain but where else is good, i know about fallen trees roots and such, where are some other good spots....not specifically just like geographic features, and how do you know if a creek is man made or natural?

I am gonna go looking today after work, I live in cherokee county which apparently was considered indian territory so my chances are good I think.



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I've never hunted the lakes but my friends that do, hunt the islands and exposed high ground created when the lakes are lowered in the winter.
Around the water look for hight points, springs, ect... You gotta think like an Indian. I stick to the harder bottom, you can make a probe to check the soil with. Use a metal rod similar to a CB pole. Cut it down to a 3/4 foot length and push it in the ground until it want go any ****her. Be careful on the digging, b/c of legal matters. The points will settle over time on the harder soil, (sink through the sand). Look fo rnatural material, like lots of stuff that could be used. Look for pottery shards and chert chips (flint). Talk to the older men of the area, they may could point you to places. On the water flip rocks, look for bends or curves, or rock shoals that would disrupt the flow of the water. On the lakes look for erosion points near creek heads, fields, high points, again rock ledges......

I hope I helped


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Be careful on Allatoona. The Corp of Engineers own the property and it is illegal to remove artifacts from their property.


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Found some stuff yesterday, only 2 that look like they MIGHT be points the rest were just rocks that looked out of place for the rest of the rocks in the area.

Will post pics later.



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Finally got some pictures back.

I dunno if these are even points I will just post them and see what you guys think.

If you can Identify them let me know or even if you think they are just junk let me know. thanks

Jayrun tool (640 x 427).jpg

tool (600 x 450).jpg

tool2 (600 x 450).jpg

Head1 (600 x 450).jpg

head2 (600 x 450).jpg

head 3 (600 x 450).jpg



Jayrun, they all look like flakes to me. Keep lookin`, they have a way of turnin` up anywhere.


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The first was an accidental repost.

Second 2 was almost a hammer shaped tool that I found in a creek not the same as the drawing was odd cause it was white compared to the red and brown rocks around it.

Next 2 was an odd shaped one not sure it is even a point.

Next one was cool even it it is not a point the striping is a cool feature.

Last piece is what appears to be obsidian covered in grey shale or granite several chunks are chipped off it the other side is better had a real good chunk chipped away but no pics came out of that side. the edges of this piece have been worked I think.

Need you experts to let me know if this is junk or not.

Thanks Jayrun


Jay Obsidian is only found west of the Mississippi in the area of extinct and live volcanos. The only place in the east it has been found is in the Hopewell area around Southern Illinois. It was brought in as a trade item by the indians and its source was traced back to yellowstone Park.. What you have there is all local chert. It doesn`t look worked, so it really has no significance. It is possible that it is leftover waste flakes from the manufacture of points.