Looking for private land or some advice on public land to hunt.

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Hey folks,

I'll keep my introduction short but I am new to hunting and am doing so largely out of necessity to feed my wife. We recently found out that she has an auto immune disease that flares up badly in response to most store bought food.

I was hoping to reach out and see if anybody on here had some problem pigs on their land that they needed getting rid of, or if you could point me in the right direction of a good place to start at that will give me a good chance of bringing home some meat.

I am willing to pay to use your land, but money is somewhat tight so I probably can't afford to lease for an entire season.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

Edit: I am in atlanta, if that helps narrow it down.
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If you are on FB look up North Georgia Hog Hunters. You may have some luck there, might even get soemone to take you dog hunting and I have seen some there who have trapped hogs and gave them away.
I do a lot of spot and stalk on a few public land spots....have some problems finding some people to go...usually always encounter hogs and have a pretty decent kill rate shoot me a pm if you want to hook up sometime just be ready to do some walking