Looking for several items, will pay$

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Here are the items im looking for:

-Hornets nest
-Snake skins
-Anything along these lines or primitive stuff I can decorate the house in. I am fairly young and just lookin for items to put around the house.

I will pay fair price for any of these items, please let me know if you can help me in any way. PM is the easiest contact method. Thanks in advance everyone!


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I got all kinds of that junk laying around in and out of the house? Coming up with a fair price would be kinda hard... anybody checked the market on hornets nests lately? You want that with or without the hornets? Is it legal to trade this sort of stuff? I started out with my home decorated with this same motiff, but over the last 22 years somehow or another my wife has pretty much managed to send it all to the barn or shop a little at a time. I'm down to one room in the house and I'll be danged if i didn't come home Friday and she'd done snuck her sewing into one of the corners? I'll guess I'll go ahead and start packing up and clean me a spot off in the shop somewhere...