Looking for sources on Native American and Civil War Artifacts


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Im looking for good sources on properly identifying authentic Native American and Civil War Artifacts.

For Native American items Id like to look into blankets, rugs, baskets, headdresses/warbonnets, jewelry, pipes, pottery, wooden bowls, and the like

For Civil War Id like to look into ammunition and instruments.

If anyone has a link to a resource guide or video Id greatly appreciate it!
Check your local County Library's reference room. Over here in Cobb they have an unreal reference room. Also, maybe the newer State of Ga Archives in Henry County?


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There is a small digger relics show this weekend in Marietta These people are the ones who dig locally and display their finds There will be a wealth of first hand info there I dont know if i am allowed to post the link ect since it might be considered an ad If you need more info either google north georgia relics ahow or PM me and I will PM you the info
Also another good source is TREASURE Net they have a georgia section Good Luck Great hobby


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Shelby Foote.

Look him up. He's da' man.


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