Looking for the right club for me and daughter

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Now my 10 year old daughter is very into hunting, I’m looking for the right club.

Safety and conservation is priority 1.
We don’t harvest many deer, possibly 2-3 a year max! And those may come from public land. Some years I have harvested none and let everything walk, I don’t measure success by a kill.
I myself is interested in better bucks, I’m not a trophy hunter though. I’m not looking for a club where I have to get a degree in biology to age deer on the hoof, or break out a tape measure and ask the deer if I can measure it.

My daughter in the other hand would be ecstatic with a mere 4 pointer at the moment.

Camping is plus, as we enjoy the outdoors.

Pin in and pin out system is a must, I feel everyone paying should have equal opportunities. Anything within 1.5 hours of Athens would be great!

Budget $1500 yearly.

Thanks fellas!