Looking to bass fish in Willacoochee River

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I met a fella that states that the Willacoochee is a fun river to fish. Can anyone elaborate on this? I'm specifically interested in bass fishing from the kayak but would also like to know about panfishing in the area. thanks, in advance!
Fishing is great on the Willacoochee. Put in just west of Valdosta of St. Augustine Rd (133). If the waters down its not much fun. There are a bunch of snags along the river. I've never been in a Kayak but been a bunch in a canoe. I don't pan fish strictly bass. But the water is a ton clearer than the ocmulgee. I catch bigger fish in the ocmulgee, but its a lot closer and I fish it more. But Willacoochee is a great river to fish.


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Are you talking about the Willacoochee or Withlacoochee. THe Willacoochee is a tributary of the Alapaha. The Withlacoochee is north and west of Valdosta where it joins the Little River just south of Ga. Hwy 133.

The Withlacoochee is extremely low right now. Lot of exposed rocks. I am sure the Willacoochee is as well.