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In the beginning stages of planning a guys trip and was looking for some info/feedback on potential locations/guides. Planning on the trip to be Oct of this year for 5 guys. I have a few places in mind, but would definitely like to hear some options that I may not be considering. Ideally would like 1 day inshore/1 day offshore, but may do 2 offshore days.

Some options I've considered:

1. Venice, LA - inshore 1 day (Reel Tight Charters) and 1 day offshore for yellowfin (Eddie Burger) - (this is my top choice but is logistically difficult for a couple guys)

2. Jensen Beach, FL - 2 days offshore with Pat Price

3. Keys or West Coast FL????
Can't go wrong with that Venice package. We have done it the last 3 years in Oct. and had more fun than you can imagine. And caught plenty of fish. Capt Boola (Reel Tite) is a good one and so is Eddie Burger. If you are not able to book Eddie, the Mexican Gulf Fishing is who we always fish with and they are top notch, fun to fish with, and will put you on the tuna. Book early, because they fill quickly.


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East Coast
Miami/Homestead good fishing. (my personal favorite)
Never lived there but been A BUNCH of times.
Little easier and cheaper than southern Keys.

West Coast
I'd try Clearwater Marina.
Lots of boats leave out of Johns Pass.
Hard to go wrong from there.
I did live there a few years, walking distance
to the marina.

Top Coast
Destin. #1 in the country by a lot of accounts.

Need to figure out if you want to "target" something
or just load up on meat fish and go from there.
(my thing is Dolphin and Wahoo) that's why I like Miami/Homestead so much.

I go when it's a little warmer though so I can't say much about Oct..
Just mentioning some good spots.


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Florida Sportsman Magazine has a forum board
very similar to GON.
(not going to link it back but its NOT hard to find and FREE to join)

I'm a member there and they have TONS of info.

Forgot to mention that a while ago. Sorry.
#1 all day long. Went last hear exact same trip you described and it was the most fun trip I’ve went on! Making it a yearly trip for my company employees.