Lost 2 fly rods at Toccoa DH

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I left my two fly rods at the canoe launch at the Toccoa DH yesterday (11/11/17). One was a 5wt Reddington Crosswater, the other was a 3wt Cabelas Theorum. Not the nicest equipment but it's all I have. Anyways my GF was fishing with me and her waders had a hole in them so in all the confusion I must have left them in the parking lot. Any information would be greatly appreciated and I would give a reward or buy you a beer or something... thanks guys. You can reach me at austinctay@gmail.com or just respond to this.
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I just wanted to let everyone know that my rods were returned. I also wanted to give a big thank you to the men who found them. Thanks to Bill from Florida, I hope you had a great trip and a safe ride home.

I also wanted to thank Art from Blue Ridge Fly Fishing for putting us in touch.

Thank you to all for the help.


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That's a happy ending made possible because of someone's integrity. Years ago I was fishing the Railroad Ranch section of the Henry's Fork in Idaho and I laid an extra rod down with our jackets and packs near the old scratching post downstream from Bonefish flats. The rod was a 9' Winston #3 with a 2 7/8" Perfect. Some jerk stole it. State Farm bought me an identical rig. Gil
Awesome news, and integrity.


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I always like hearing about people doing the right thing. Glad you got your gear back. My Crosswater 5wt is one of my favorites. I'd hate to lose it.


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On the other hand, trust nobody! I drove my car over to Toto creek boat ramp one quiet evening after work to do a crappie check. Trusting me, thinking I was in a safe area, left the keys in the ignition. I walked around the bend for 20 minutes or so and went to go home, couldn’t find my car! Sheriff showed up and pointed all the “crack houses” on top of the ridge overlooking the park. Car was never found....(2001 Chevy Cavalier).