Louisiana Early Season

I gotta get down there for a cast and blast. Would honestly be more concerned with the cast than the blast. Looks like a good fishing trip!


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9E8841F6-C6C4-42B2-A51F-67F0AA1D9D7A.jpeg 71DA271D-11EA-42E3-8E28-2A512CA255C7.jpeg 7BF2ED8A-143C-41FF-8D78-1C323C5E95B7.jpeg C04F0B55-61E1-42F0-A2AA-CA5CE103F2AD.jpeg You are correct that teal season has not been that great. The birds are definitely in some concentrated areas of the marsh along the east side of the river. We had a great opener for the 4 guys that were at the camp and had 24 birds in an hour or so just south of you. No one hunted sunday or until last thursday. Thursday afternoon we made a quick afternoon trip following a fly fishing trip and managed 8 teal. The following morning there was ZERO wind and close to that amount of birds flying. Power was out at the marina so we could not lower the second boat into water as hoist was dead, so we rolled 4 in my boat and 2 of the guys managed 9. Had another person show up friday afternoon and had an awesome hunt with a 3 man limit. Wind had picked up and it appears the birds were flying around with the wind. Same area saturday for a quick hunt and 2 of us managed 7. There just has not been a push of birds over here yet but we have had fun and will be at em again this weekend. It has been super hot this second half of september, here's to hoping for cooler air and ducks moving south over the next couple months.