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EE, hang on to those drawers as I am out of eye bleach.

blood and SwampY

I have at this point not even had the lights flicker but it rain hard all night. There was some wind but not whistling hard that I heard. Hope everyone makes it out without too much damage.

Firing up the big one as some may need it today. I know I was awake for a couple hours in the middle of the night.

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Well I had water driven under the garage doors so I will have debris all over the place I am sure.
Mornin, hope our southern most drivelers didn’t have too much damage.

Nothing here except a few little limbs/leaves, a lot of rain, and the power flickered a few times, that’s it.
Keebs-no power, with mucho debris, limbs, and some trees down. No structural damage and has a roof over her head.

Mud-said it was a big mess down there, no power, maybe some shingles blown off.

They’re all safe though.

Don’t have Nics # and don’t do Facebook, but someone on the weather thread said he was ok from a Facebook post.
It looks like we may still be in the eye of this thing but it doesn't have much of a "back-side" to it at all. We had plenty of 45-50 mph winds several times but overall, there doesn't appear to be too much damage. Currently, the winds have picked back up somewhat and are blowing at about 25-30 mph but I hope that this won't last very long.

It was nice to have good friends from Kentucky, Tennessee, and also Texas call me last night and again this morning to check on me.

I did not go to sleep at all during the night because I was as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I was worried much more so than normal because this Hurricane was named, MICHAEL. My Daughter called me yesterday and told me that this hurricane was going to be really "bad" because it was named after me !!!!

Thankfully, I heard this morning that the weather service was going to retire the name, Michael, for any future hurricanes. Heck, maybe I ought to retire too....of course, I need to hit the big-time lottery first !!!!

I hope that all of you GON friends stayed safe during this hurricane and won't have too many damages.
Glad to hear you came out ok Mike!

Yep, Michael will go down in History as the 3rd most powerful/intense storm to hit the North American coast.
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morning EE and MzH22
No return text from Quackbro, hope they came out with minimal damage.
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No return text from Quackbro, hope they came out with minimal damage.
saw quackbro post in his thread. He is without power but that is all he said.
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