lowering cholesterol ?

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Any of yall have any secrets to lowering cholesterol with out medications? About a year ago I was told by My doc that My levels were way too high and put me on a statin drug. well that drug made me hurt all over like I been hit by a bus! i tried to change My diet some but I cant give up red meat and I dont cook at home very often so its tough to get the #s down. Lets hear your tips for lowering the bad C numbers and raising the good numbers


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Cholesterol has a lot more to do with carbs then with meat or eggs. Cut our bread, potatoes and rice (basically, anything white, except cauliflower), and your cholesterol will go down.

It takes some discipline to move to a more 'paleo' diet, especially when you travel, as temptations abound. Our typical meal consists of some type of meat and veggies. We haven't completely cut out the white foods, but have cut way back on them. Maybe have bread once a week, and a baked potato with a steak once a week.

You can make really good mashed califlower...steam it, then put into the food processor with a little milk or sour cream, butter and salt. Better than mashed potatoes, if you ask me.

Also cut out sugar as best you can. We don't add sugar to anything. Our go to sweetener at home is stevia. Natural, and the only sweetener that does not elicit an insulin response in your body. Insulin and cholesterol have been closely tied.

Good book that explains the insulin/cholesterol relationship is Tim Ferris' 'The 4-hour Body'.


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Just go low carb. I have none. Meat only. Your body will use all that cholesterol up in a few months. My wife’s numbers dropped huge in 3 months.


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Just ask NOYBD.

He’s evidently an expert on everything.....and a master expert on medical stuff.

Just be careful taking his advice if he tries to point you towards some offbrand medication.
I think genetics have more to do with it than what you eat, to be honest.


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I think genetics have more to do with it than what you eat, to be honest.
^This is important, you can keep away from genetics but it's not much fun unless you enjoy a stick in the eye. Every member of my family is diabetic except me and one marathon running sister. Two are dead before 50.

After you decide to fix what is wrong with you, you must now pick one of the 4 philosophies in healthy eating. There's not any clear thing to eat, not every doctor will agree and not even NOYDB knows. He thinks he does, but I have folks I work out with that we all do something different and we are all healthy.

I limit my animal protein and one buddy is paleo. Our numbers are the same. The key is to pick something and be disapline and the numbers will change.

There are some disaplines that work better for cholesterol numbers, but that's only my opinion. That's all there is in the health food market, opinions.

Good luck, let us know how it goes


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My doctor put me on a statin and said if I changed my diet dramatically I likely wouldn't see much difference in the numbers, as it's in your genetics and how your body produces cholesterol. Of course, every doctor will tell you something different. Who knows.