Lucky for me, Not lucky for the pig.


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Don't ya just love it when things fall into your lap? Last night I got off work and got to my driveway about 11:30pm. There were about twenty pigs in the ditch rootin around. I got out with my bow (I always have my bow in my truck), to take a closer look. The pigs filtered back into the pine trees. I went on home.
Then, about 12:30 am I get called by work to handle a trouble call. So I went to work, did my thing and then returned home at 0230. When I got to the end of my driveway, the pigs were there again. I parked, eased out of the truck and scooted quietly to where they'd gone into the woods. I squatted down in the tall grass by the road and waited. The wind was solid and in my favor. In less than two minutes the pigs began to appear in number. I wanted to thump a big one, but small pigs were all but surrounding me. Experience has taught me that with pigs it is best to make hay while the sun shines- so I picked out a small black boar and introduced him to a 160gr. Ace Standard. ZIP!! Both shoulders now had vents in them and the pig just ran in tight circles then fell less than five feet from where he accepted the arrow. Everybody else left in a hurry. So how about that? A gift from the Lord- dropped in my lap. Almost like HE was sayin' "here, man. See if you can hit this". I love it.
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Good job and love giving credit where credit is due. Love that cross on that bow as well, is it enlayed or stuck on?


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Good job D. Great story. You hear people say that stuff like that never happens to them - but it does. They just aren't prepared to take advantage of it when it happens. Way to stay ready.
Good deal much my bill is???