m7 tanker holster


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I bought one of these for $39.00 off of amazon. It sits on the chest or under the arm fairly comfortably. It had no instructions for assembly and there is very little on youtube.

I think I have it put together right, but if anyone has any pics of the buckles and how they should be, I would appreciate it.

Also, what type of oil would you use to soften it up? Neatsfoot, mink, etc.



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I could take a better picture if I had longer arms. It sits far enough forward to be out of the way and not up under my arm when in a normal standing or sitting position. Secure enough to not flop at all when moving. Should be fine for sitting in the stand, especially compared to the price of the alternatives I've seen.


Capt Quirk

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Looks nice! As for softening and conditioning, Wal Mart carries Kiwi Conditioning paste. It softens and helps weatherproof. I might suggest lengthening that shoulder strap, and bring the holster down a couple inches.