m7 tanker holster

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I bought one of these for $39.00 off of amazon. It sits on the chest or under the arm fairly comfortably. It had no instructions for assembly and there is very little on youtube.

I think I have it put together right, but if anyone has any pics of the buckles and how they should be, I would appreciate it.

Also, what type of oil would you use to soften it up? Neatsfoot, mink, etc.

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I could take a better picture if I had longer arms. It sits far enough forward to be out of the way and not up under my arm when in a normal standing or sitting position. Secure enough to not flop at all when moving. Should be fine for sitting in the stand, especially compared to the price of the alternatives I've seen.


Capt Quirk

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Looks nice! As for softening and conditioning, Wal Mart carries Kiwi Conditioning paste. It softens and helps weatherproof. I might suggest lengthening that shoulder strap, and bring the holster down a couple inches.
I’ve got one I had El Paso saddlery make for my casule when I was living in Alaska. It’s close enough I carry a single seven in it now here in florida.
I am looking for something similar for this hunting season.

That is the style I was thinking of. It looks secure and handy. Hoping it will go with the 1911 or g21.
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After hunting with it a few times I am happy enough for the money. I had been looking at some high dollar ones, but it was comfortable enough under a vest or jacket in a stand to satisfy me. I don't know how it would be walking all day with it and changing positions, but it was fine going to the stand and climbing in the portable stand. Very natural to draw and no noise.
I have one for a Berreta 92 and S&W M0d 65.

I wear mine more across chest, and not so much under my arm. Also Capt Quirk is correct - it usually is worn lower - should have a belt loop to keep it down.

It's the perfect holster when riding a tractor.


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Do you guys keep your 1911 autos cocked and locked with the tanker holster?
With the strap around the grip safety tight it looks like it was built to carry uncocked.
The strap makes the grip safety not work?


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I just got a GS holster for my XDM and am real satisfied with the fit. I haven't worn it in the woods yet but hope it is better than the under the armpit one I was using. I wanted something besides a hip carry as my rife was always bumping against it.