Made Reservations for Vogel October 2017 Update Vogel Review

Can't beat those pie irons. I recently got one of those chairs. They are so comfortable.
Fort Mountain and Blackrock Mtn are nice as well as Vogel. We stayed at Bald Mtn Park in Hiawassee a few times. I prefer the parks up in the mountains more than the ones in the valleys.

Glad ya'll had a good time.


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Just got back from 4 days at Vogel ourselves. Weather was cool (cold at night), but beautiful. Campground was packed all week.
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Yes , we already reserved site 53 for October. You could park a 747 in site 53. Shh, don’t tell anyone.
I grew up 10 minutes from Vogel. I've never camped there, but many of my childhood memories were made there.
We use to go to Vogel in the late 60's-early 70's. The road over to Winfield Campground went through Vogel when we first started camping there. They eventually re-routed it past the lake and dam.
Also the pavilion over the lake wasn't there the first few years we went. Wore out many a bathing suit on the slide into the lake.

Also remember Turner's Corner Store. We'd stop and give a bear in a cage a Coke. Hwy 19/129 I think.