Maine bear

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I just returned yesterday from the Jackman, Maine area where my Buddy Marc from Georgia and I traveled for another bear hunt. We hunted Eagle Lake last year; Marc scored and I did not. This year I was the lucky one.

Four hunters total in camp this time and I happened to have drawn the lucky stand. The first night I had a bear come in 4 times, but I couldn't decide if he was a shooter. On his 3rd trip in, I finally decided he was big enough, but could not get a good shot angle.

On his 4th time in, he sat behind the bait barrel until it was too dark for me to shoot, even with an illuminated reticle. Turns out it was also just past legal time when he came out anyway. The guide checked the pics when we went in on day 2, and as he was leaving he said the bear from the night before was a shooter.

I told him I wasn't going to hesitate that night then and I shot before he got to the bait. From the reaction, I knew he was a dead bear, but he did run out of sight. I gave him a couple minutes, got down and trailed him. Decent boar a tad over 200 with a beautiful pelt.

Gorgeous place, 10 miles from closest paved road, 20 miles from a store and gas and about 30 miles to any kind of town. Wonderful trip! 30639.jpeg 0912181758-1.jpg 0910181341-1.jpg 0912181756-1.jpg 0908181024-1.jpg
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Awesome, man! Well done. Enjoy some bear roasts!