Major Nashville Interstate Closed by Huge Mudslide

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The news this morning was monopolized by the huge mudslide that covered a major interstate that runs through Nashville (i-24). The exact location is very problematic as it's located just north of a popular by-pass that would have allowed traffic to move somewhat, but that Parkway's (Briley Parkway) entrance is also cut off just north of it's entrance. Hard to figure for how long, but watching live shots showed the dirt and mud still falling/flowing at a pretty good clip and the pictures show a large mass of trees to be moving towards the precipice. Nasty stuff on the route we use to access Nashville and all cities south, and east.

There's an arial video shot from their news helicopter here:

90.jpeg 90-2.jpeg


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Bo$$ dun cut off from everythang. Good thing it wudn't a week earlier
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The i-24 corridor E-W is a major corridor for Nashville workers living northwest of the city. The 5th largest city in Tennessee (behind Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville & Chattanooga) lies only 40 miles NW right on i-24 and the interstate is packed every morning with commuters. It will surely be an absolute zoo for those commuters tomorrow morning. There is no practical way for commuters to go from i-24 S to i-65 S and on to Nashville other then Briley Parkway, and you can't quite git there from facepalm:
Bo$$ dun cut off from everythang. Good thing it wudn't a week earlier
I am lucky, I can get to Downtown Nashvile on the backroads, never get on Interstate. Just hop everbody else dont figure my route. I have traveled that stretch a thousand times during the past. It get back up bad under the best conditions. Guess they will be routing traffic down I65, that will be a mess too.


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Is that the route from I 65?
You mean 75? 24 Around town, exit onto 27 then "semi" straight down to 278 in Cedartown. When you get to Paulding Hospital hang a left and call me.
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Holy Cow!

I've traveled that route often, What a mess.


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Expect that it will take a while for clean up.

Any ideas on who they are going to sue?
Anyone heard an update on this? Just curious.
Just that they are not going to do anything until the ground stabilizes. Just a good thing that it did not happen at 7am. Seems like 50% of the people that work in Nashville lives about 30 to 50 miles up that road, then you head down south and the urban flight is even worse. Kinda odd those who can afford it, flee the cities, and move 40 miles away to live in a neighborhoods where the house are packed in so tight, that you could loan your neighbor some butter, without leaving the hose, if both of you open your windows.
I-40 is closed from a rockslide a few miles from here.
Guess I won't be riding up to Cosby this weekend
Go across 441. They did say they might have one lane open by Friday. The slide is down around Harmon den in the Pigeon River Gorge.


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Yeah 441 is an option, but then Lil Wy would have to spend time in Cherokee. He can't see the sign without wanted to hit the little shops there