Mako & Ace go swimming!

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Mako and Ace are now at our house and the training has begun. They are staying all night in the crate without any accidents, doing some retrieving work in our hallway, and today they went swimming! Ton of fun. I love dogs!
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I still have Drake and I am still working with him, but we've hit some obstacles. One has to do with socialization and the other has to do with water. Both issues reflect the boxer in him. He makes a great family dog, is protective, and if a duck falls in the yard he is all over it. That being said I had an opportunity with these pups that I couldn't pass up. Great genetics and drive with these two.
10-4 Im Glad drakes doing good, I was worried something happened to him since you haven't posted a video of him in a while. Good luck with the new pups, hopefully they will turn into some great retrievers.


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Nice video, love your pups, our Red Healer loves swimming,,,, good luck with your training,,,,