Mako skiffs

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I’m starting a new boat search. Long process, been pondering a 17 ft cc mako skiff w a 60 hp Mercury. Any opinions? Good bad or indifferent. Will b selling my 1648 Jon w my 30 hp tohatsu.also looking at aluminum cc
I had one. Runs mid 30s with 2 people. Drafts about 10 inches, on plane in a foot. Not much storage, but a nice boat. I put a 12 gallon fuel tank in it.
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i realize they have little storage, but the big giant cooler could be storage. i cant imagine me filling that up with fish or ice. i catch and release. i also like the portable gas tank , not a big fan of 20 gallon tanks sitting for months.i can always put the gas in my trucks or mowers if i have a portable tank. no ethanol worries.also looking at aluminum cc in the 17-18 ft range.any input is greatly appreciated.