Malibu Stealth 14 mods!

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I've been working on various mods to my Malibu Stealth 14. I started with a simple cord system to make standing easier, and an adjustable rod holder.

Then I made a better anchor trolly system. The pullies make it so much better than the D-rings it had when I bought it. I need to install another clam style cleat next to this one for anchoring out the stearn.

I need two more butt connectors to finish wiring the bait well pump. I've got a timer wired in that I can program to run and pause any time combo I choose. This will save battery life. The battery is a 7amp unit inside a pelican case. The case is strapped to a tray I built from marine Star Board material. The tray is glued to the hull with 3M 4000 adhesive.

Lastly, I rigged a milk crate, and built a rocket launcher style rod holding system out of PVC. I built some large re-inforcing pads to mount the flush mount rod holders in. This serves as a much sturdier base for the rocket launcher. I may have to trim this down so that it's not so high, but won't do anything until I fish the boat again and test it out.



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very cool !!! love your sig on the side too !!! mine has FERAL ONE on the bow. it is more to me than just a screen name :D the stand up helper will be a neat addition as well. thanks for sharing !
Awesome mods. Feels good to able to customize the boats just the way you want it! Thanks for the ideas!


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I like the bungee idea to keep the trolley rope taut. Where did you buy your stealth Kayak?
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Here is one I forgot to share. Using the same Starboard material, I made a holder for a pair of pliars and knife. They both fit tight and won't fall out. This is mounted on the hatch right behind my seat.

Here she is ready to go fishing.


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Good lookin' rig Marty! I wish I was limber enough to do that, but I'd have to have help to get up and out of the boat! I bet it is a great way to be stealthy and get close to them.
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Took this one offshore Monday out of Jax beach. Had a blast chasing pogy pods and trolling live pogies through them. My partner caught a 5'+ black-tip shark. I lost many fish due to short strikes. I would reel in nothing but a head! After 6 hours, and with the west wind picking up, we decided to head in. My bud was paddling a Kaskazi Dorado, and leaving me with little effort! It took me 2 hours paddling hard to reach the beach from 2.99 miles offshore. The seas were getting rough, and the 15-20 head winds were a real chore to paddle against. I love my yak for rivers and such, but I need something that paddles faster for this offshore stuff, which I definitely plan to do a lot more! This one is listed for sale, and I'm gonna buy a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160, more than likely. :)
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Two? First what do you do when you catch a shark in a kayak:hair:

Second, what is in the water underneath him in the last pic?
Get him close enough to plant a fat kiss on his nose, and then cut the line! :D

A PVC bait tube with his live pogies in it.
What an awesome way to breakin a new yak... There is alot to say about a long slender yak in the salt especially when your not paddlin one. We paddled out about 3/4 mile to Lanark reef and me and my tarpon 160 led the pack. Fishing in the salt gets in your blood. If you ever want to go to the forgotten coast area the forum can fix you up on info and even show you where to go in a yak.

That's his bait tube floating next to the yak.