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what's the best source for river maps and access points in N. GA?


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This is a good refernce for regualtions and there are also maps of all trout water in the state. The thing about Ga is that some of the water, is on private property. So you will have to beat the bushes a little to find water that is open to the public. That beiing said, most of the Major water ways designated as TW are fishable and have reasonable access. The Delayed Harvest areas are good and several of the guys on here can give you advice on directions and quality of fishing. Good luck and feel free to send a PM if you have other questions as well.
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Thanks for that, Bitteroot. I'll keep in touch over PM.
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Great. I'll check it out. Thanks


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Trout water

Ian -

Next time you are on NGTO, browse around a little. There are small scale maps there which show all the major streams and the publicized smaller ones.

Then there are those of which it isn't correct to speak.
But you will find that after the folks who fish them have decided you aren't a torturer of children, the details will come.

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I think I have the book coming for Christmas. It was back ordered by the time I told my wife it'd make a nice gift. Keeping my eye on the mail...
It is an excellent book. It gives great descriptions as well as directions to find trout streams. The things that he wrote regarding the streams that I am familiar with are right on point. He really seems to know what he's talking about. I'd reccommend the book to anyone.