Marathon seat covers=2 months out!!!

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I ordered a set of marathon seat covers on Friday, I got an email today that stated they are ...
"A​t this time of year production time is running approximately 2 Months out for delivery"
2 MONTHS???? not sure if I want to wait that long for seat covers

are they worth the wait ?
In my opinion they are, I have had a set of them on my last two trucks and they are awesome. Tough to install the first time but they fit perfectly and last forever.
Absolutely worth it. I've had mine for going on 4 years and they are tough as nails and fit like a glove.
How much are they? I need a tough set of covers on mine. I tear up my seats on the side where I get in and out
Go to their website and choose the configuration you want. It all depends on your truck. Single cab is obviously cheaper than full cab.


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Well worth it and well worth the wait. I really like mine. Almost 2 years old and still look like new.
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I got a $50 off code from Lee n Tiffs face book page , not sure if it still good because its not posted on there now. I paid $261for My standard cab Chevy, wont see them till the first of sept but at least Ill have them before hunting season. getting the seats recovered in a few weeks and wanted to protect them.


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Didn't like mine at all. They were hard to get on with all the electronics under the seat. I took them off after about a year to wash and found where they left black smudges from some kind of seam adhesive. I never put them back on. The company didn't seem to care at all about the issue. They were an expensive lesson in my book.

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Ordered a set of Marathon covers back in August. They told me 8 weeks. I think that I received them in 6 or 7 weeks. Anyway...........They look good, installed easily, I'm happy with them. Boo-Yah!


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I really like mine. I could see trouble installing them to look good, so I paid a car upholstery shop to do the job right. The cost was reasonable, and the seats look great.
They are the best seat covers made. I have owned two sets and have never regretted the time it took to receive them or the money that they cost-both of which, at first, seem substantial