March Trip, Sinclair or Oconee

It sounds like you are going to be close to our lake lake. We are located in Holiday Shores which is right across the lake from Oconee springs park and not far from the oconee dam. I have always had great luck fishing for crappie in our cove especially at night when dock lights are on
Any advise on how you fish under the lights? Just start hitting any docks with lights? Throw minnow under the light and wait? How long before you move to next dock, etc? Never tried it before, but sounds like something fun to go do.
I'll pull up to the dock slow.first casting a crappie jig, if I catch a couple I'll anchor within casting distance and put out a few rods with minnows under a float, continue casting the jig. The Bobby Garland baby shad has been very productive for me.:flag:
What type of fishing would be productive in Oconee close to the dam around this time?
I would be shooting docks for white perch on oconee and fishing dock lights on sinclair. Using crappie jigs around the lights you can catch perch and bass


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A feller can have a lot of fun catching hybrids and stripers around the dam in March.