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Headed to Troy, NC this August to start my gunsmith training. Gotta build 5 rifles before I can graduate so I'm already looking for project ideas. Found a Martini Cadet in .310 for sale down under. Thought about buying it and taking it to the school for conversion to a sporter. Rechambering to .357 mag sounded like a nice project. Any thoughts?

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A word of caution. My Dad had his .310 cadet rechambered for .32.

A neat little collector's piece was rechambered into junk. It randomly lobs those .32's at a target ten yards away. Beyond ten yards, you don't even hit the paper.

So if you're going to do it. Do it all the way.
Martini for sale "down under". Import hassle and cost may be prohibitive --
I have a couple of projects you may be interested in:
T-38 jap sporter or resurrection -- barrel and receiver unmolested,
previous owner tried to sporterize with an incorrect stock --
M98 FN mauser -- complete with a new 308 barrel -- Chinese buy and looks like it spent a good deal of time in the bilge of a junk -
I was going to rebuild them but I am getting too old and will never get to them -
Have a colt 22 pump I do hope to finish -
anyroad let me know if you have any interest --
I own 2 Martini .22 and 1 .310.

I'm not sure about your "project" You are taking an interesting and historic rifle and converting it to a piece of junk. Not sure if that is the way I would want to representing starting out in a trade.

There are plenty of good rifles around with little intrinsic value that would be much more suitable for a "project"

Finally, I seriously doubt that the .310 Martini is up to being rebored for .357 magnu. Rechambering and lining the barrel for .32 special is a common modification, but the appearance of the gun is usually unchanged. (See Ga Native's post). I wonder it the extractor will be up to .357.