Matthew 22:21 and Romans 13:1 KJV.

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:unsure:Greetings Brethren, Grace and Blessings unto you all, I believe that Cherokee County, Georgia and Georgia itself are about to send everyone a new property tax bill for 2018. Soon everything that sits on your property will be taxed by the county as this years new items are Marine Property, which is part of the abode you live in. The County Tax Commissioner, the Tax Assessor, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners do not want to see any Scripture nor references in any correspondence now??? And, they are quite pushy or aggressive when you ask them about your exemptions. All Disabled Persons or Disabled Veterans get the highest exemptions now, but now the county taxes all marine property too. Soon they will tax all RVs, HUVs, Four Wheelers, tractors, and others that sit on the homeowners property, most likely. I was told that we as 100% Disabled Veterans did NOT have to pay county property taxes, I was told wrong as I found out after fight those above for two weeks. I was an S6 Disabled Homestead, where I thought I was a S5 L7 Disabled Veteran Homestead exemption. Not the case.
However, that is not the purpose of this message, since the county has now told me enough times and shown it to me in writing as well a few times, the taxpayer is responsible for checking their exemption options each year before April 1. Every taxpayer in Georgia may be able to apply for one of the six exemptions or more. Up until 2018 our marine property was part of the abode, but this year we have to pay more than $150 property taxes for our boats. You will too most likely as we were not expecting four tax bills in the mail. I urge each resident, each homeowner to go to their Tax Commissioner Office not and find out what exemptions you are eligible for. You could save yourselves a lot of tax money with the right exemptions. What I find interest with those of the Tax Commissioner/Assessor Office is when you quote Scripture, God's Word, most of them are offended and ask you in return "please don't quote Scripture."
Christians must have a pure heart, clear conscience, and peace of mind, but the county governments I have encountered have shown me that they have none of these. Oh, and officials in the county government can give themselves their own pay raises at your expense?
What happened to God first in the lives of these individuals? They have taken God out of just about everything in counties, states, and federal government. California is trying to make it a crime to own a Holy Bible, is Georgia next? I've lived in Georgia all my life, where I was raised in a Christian family, served in the U. S. Army until my health was destroyed, and fought the local governments for my rights as a Honorable Disabled Veteran and a Man of God. I left God when He took our mother when I was 15, but He never left me. God is first in all things, never forget that. This is not our world nor our home. Jesus Christ is coming soon to catch his children up and it can't be soon enough for me as I have watched government abuse and misuse for some fifty years.
I will continue to pray for us all, but it is up to you to check your exemptions of the county taxes. God bless and keep you all,
Walter Kent Prescott :)