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Sorry yall, I was in a rush when I posted. I just thought it was cool he showed up exactly a year later (1st and 3rd pic). And was wondering what yall would age him at. I was guessing 5. I'm not sure I'd shoot him or not. And I'm not sure if he's legal in Catoosa either. I thought all of GA was at least 4 on one side
No. At 6 possibly. I think he's 5-6. Maybe older. 4 was a obvious minimum . Found it weird he has not made antler progression. That was why I asked about the down slope
We are in Georgia. 99% of the deer here don't make any real antler progression. it has to do with food and genetics as much as age. He looks like the 50,000 other basket racked deer in the state that get killed each year, he is just genetically a six point for all of his life for what ever reason instead of the standard 8 point. A mature deer in Georgia is nothing to sneeze at, regardless of what he has on his head, but if you are waiting on him or any other deer to just pop out 150" + of antler just because he is 4 or 5 years old, you are going be disappointed. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, I'm just saying it doesn't happen very often.


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Almost looks like he's got a shoulder wound that's healed up in that first pic.