May have a chance at a Booner

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Went up to Ohio in June and put out cameras at my hunting spots with my son. After just 1 day we got a pic of a giant 12 pt. My son and I have had many sleepless nights thinking about this deer.

We will be going up to hunt next Thursday the 8th. Well, my father in law sent us a pic from my sons camera with this buck at 15 yds from his stand yesterday afternoon. And the best part is its a daytime pic!!!:banana::banana: He looks like he will dress about 280ibs!!!

I will be very productive at work next week!!!!:bounce:

Here is a couple June pics and the pic from yesterday.


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Heck of a deer right of luck with him.


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Good looking buck. Bigger than he looks. He'll gross up there.

Good luck with him
Needs a couple more years I'd pass him up and shoot a cull buck
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Nice buck but I don’t see anything close to netting
170....good luck, nice deer.
We have other pics of this deer and we have guessed at all the measurements and he is all over 170. He is extremely symmetrical and keep in mind, he has a huge body and you dont realize how big and heavy that rack actually is. He doesn't have super long tines but he more than makes up for it in circumference measurements and main beam length. Beams are super long and very heavy as you can clearly see in the daytime pick.

No mater what he scores he would be my best Bow buck if I was blessed to take him.
Honestly, I would be happier if my son got him!!!!
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You just jinxed yourself by posting.
I thought that but thought the pics were to good to not share. I hope your wrong!!!!:wink: