One of the best hunting shows out there. Steve can get a little high and mighty at times but that's more on his podcast than the show. I always recommend watching to non hunters too.
I usually enjoy his shows and I've been watching the newest season the last few evenings. I don't always agree with his opinions on things, but I respect him all the same.

His approach to hunting and eating what he kills combined with his respect for the animal is what a lot of non-hunters and fence-sitters need to see.
One of the few hunting shows that I'll watch.
I really enjoy his show. Him and The Hunting Public on youtube are the only hunting footage I watch.
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I will say some of his tastes are questionable. The way he describes some flavors of odd things he's cooking does not sound appetizing in the least.

In one of the newer episodes he cut out a hunk of fat from behind a caribou's eye and ate it raw, said it tasted like bread dough and the inuits do it.