Members who have passed away....

My son Tyler u can use my avatar pic
Good ole boy
As a father of three young adults, your post pulled me up short today. Thanks for sharing about your son Tyler. I Googled his name and read through the foundation website in his name.

My kids are saved and live for the Lord, but we tend to take for granted that they'll always be here. My grandfather buried one of his only two kids…my uncle. Papaw eventually healed and moved forward with his life but he told me many times that he prayed I never find out what it's like to bury a child.

God bless you!
Could we have a post of the name of a member when they pass so that we may send a condolance to the family maybe thru the feneral home.
Or, maybe a group message sent by and from all those at here at Woodys GON.

Some of us have never met but thru here have become close.


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Rest easy, Germag.

Never met the man but had great respect for a him. He had a good, clear understanding of various snake species as well as great knowledge of them. He encouraged folks to enjoy seeing them without killing them.

That, alone, is worthy of respect for him. Too many people have nothing better to do than kill snakes- all and any snake and Germag had no appreciation for that.

He was also a likeable kind of guy with a great wit.

So, next time you guys are in the bush and see a snake, let the snake enjoy its life as a tribute to Germag. He'll thank you for it.
Reminder for the Living

This thread is a reminder that none of us live forever, and further that we may or may not get much warning about when we will leave this world. Many of us talk about guns for self-defense and surviving the zombie apocalypse, but we end up falling victim to heart attacks, cancer, strokes, car wrecks, and other things.

It's probably a good idea to add a paragraph in your will, or some other set of instructions for your "next of kin" should something happen to you, telling your relatives about your online presence (chat sites like this, and social media like Facebook, etc.) and what should happen if those accounts had still been in active use shortly before your passing or incapacitation. Maybe it would make sense to list the websites, with your sign-in name and password, for those sites that you would want your next of kin to make some kind of announcement in.

Sometimes there might be important messages that your next of kin (or the executor of your will) might need to read and know about. For example, suppose you sold a certain firearm to another member here and the deal was entirely worked-on through private messages. When you pass and your estate is inventoried, your executor notices that this one particular gun of yours is gone. He might think some other family member took it improperly, or maybe the cleaning crew, or those folks that were helping with the estate sale...

... looking at the PM history on your account would clear that all up.

Anyhow, I'm just tossing out some ideas.

Back to the main theme of this thread: R.I.P. to all those late members who were part of this community and who helped make G.O.N. forum a great place to visit and learn.
Allen Simms, username asimm85. RIP man.

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Michael Nathan Evans (sandhillmike)
December 4, 1944 - September 1, 2012

Mike died September 1, 2012 after a 3 year battle with cancer at the age of 67.

I did not personally know him, but he hung around the sports section of the forums and we enjoyed his posts. He was a huge Florida Gator fan, but most importantly, he was one of our GON brothers.

Read Mike's touching last post here Good-bye Guys.

RIP Mike! We miss you, bro!

Deuce was an avid deer hunter and a great father, grandfather, and friend.

He was like an uncle to me, and laughter came into the room whenever he walked in.

You will be missed Danny. Enjoy your life up top!


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Ahh,,Nothing better than good ole southern "adjustable" religion...
Quote from DS7418

I adopted one of his "quotes" for my sig line.

Smart guy. I enjoyed his posts'

R.I.P. Buddy! ::;:D:biggrin2: