Members who have passed away....

Gurn passed away last night after a long battle with cancer.

Rest in peace, Gurnie. You will be missed, my Friend.



GURNIE and his wife, Dianna has been close friends to my family for many years now. Gurn's family was always some of the nicest people that I have ever known. I remember well that Gurn and Dianna offered to drive all the way from Michigan to Augusta to help in any way possible when my wife was really ill and ultimately passed away. Their entire family has always been very SPECIAL to me.

It was Gurn's brother, Larry Stout, that owned the MARLINOWNER'S.COM WEBSITE that my late wife (DEBBIE) and I were members. When my wife first began to have health related issues, Larry and two other friends asked me about the possibility of setting up a completely new Forum on his website that would be run entirely by my wife. It actually happened and ONLY 3 other people knew any of the true details about it for many years. This Forum without a doubt encouraged my late wife to keep fighting a good fight against her heart and diabetic related health issues for several more years because of the many friendships that she achieved.

It still was a total secret to others on the actual website as my wife ultimately took on a completely different persona identity of "Annabelle" and her Forum as named: "ASK ANNA". She was also allowed to keep her original screen name of "BRAVEHEART" as well and she regularly posted under both names so that others would not know the true details. When my wife died, it was then that we decided to tell the entire story to all of the members about my wife's Forum and that her courageous health battle was over. I've never seen such an out-pouring of love from so many people from around the country and the world.

After this happened, Larry decided to change the name of that forum to the "ASK ANNA MEMORIAL FORUM" and requested that it not be deleted or locked down BUT to remain open for others to continue to read and make any comments if they so decided. It still remains that way today even after all of these years.

I'm so grateful to Larry Stout for this opportunity as it truly gave my wife several more years of life by her communicating with others as such. Unfortunately, Larry passed away back a few years ago as well.

My deepest sympathy goes out to Gurnie's entire family in this tremendous loss to them and to all of us that knew what a fine man that Gurnie really was.

Gurnie, Godspeed to you and REST IN PEACE as I surely hope to see you in heaven one day in the future.


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I hate to hear this. Unless I’m mistaken, he’s the guy who used to send me boxes of great-quality heat treated coral, and I had a lot of good phone conversations with him.

That was him. Jeff could work magic with coral. I still have a little that he sent me. He was a fine man and a good friend.