Met Shack

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Is they Met Shack private for a reason?
Or is it only private for me ?

The Met Shack


No post showing up, missing all the information from before the change, I miss the radar that was posted.... Is it coming back?
Should be good to go now. The disgronificator was in standby mode.

I forgot to say THANKS to all of you Admins and Mods etc a few days ago because I use this weather feature EVERY day and sometimes several times a day as it really helps me to plan various work-loads in my business. Some of these just can't be done if there is too much rain/moisture in the air. It also can give me a good time line because of the 1- hour activity loop included too. I also help a couple of friends in other locations across the southeast with their daily activities as well since they are not members here. It has worked fantastic over the years for me. :cheers:
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