Mexico beach is destroyed

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just devastating, one of My favorite places in the world is completely torn to shreads
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mrs. hornet22

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Very sad. I have a friend that lives there. She evacuated, but I don't think she has a home left and can't get in touch with any of her friends down there. SAD!
Our local building inspector was building a house down there, I don't think he was quite finished with it and it may be a total loss. As I understand it, it was fairly close to the water.
Mannnnn, that's terrible!

Actually saw a LIVE chaser yesterday that said he had just fled from Mexico Beach because it was getting ravaged. When he left he said it was blowing apart and was looking @ 10-15 foot seas washing into the buildings. You could hear it in his voice how freaked out he was by what he had seen and got out just in time. While he was leaving there were cars heading towards it, he said they were chasers and hoped they didn't get in because they wouldn't get out.