Mexico beach is destroyed

It is strange how there will be one house or one building that seem to have little damage just standing there amid the destruction. I looks more like Tornado damage.
I had the same thought. From what I can tell, it looks like the houses left standing are somewhat newer. Maybe they strengthened building codes in the last decade or two and only the newer ones survived. Who knows. Crazy stuff either way!
Wonder how Cape San Blas fared.
As our favorite family vacation spot, I also wondered about Cape San Blas. From what I found, it's not good. That's no big surprise since it's a narrow peninsula which was hit by the more powerful northeastern edge of the storm. The main road is covered with debris, sand and suffered major upheaval. The only bright spot is that on the gulf facing side, which took the brunt of the storm, most of the construction is multi-unit condo units which seem to withstand the wind better than free standing homes on stilts. Oh...and I saw was that Coneheads survived mostly intact....being one of the few places to eat out on the island, that's some good news.


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James Spann posted on twitter that Cape San Blas was split into two islands due to the wind and storm surge. There is a before and after picture he posted.
Screenshot taken from the link keithsto posted:

That's awful! Has anyone heard how ST George island got thru it?
Yesterday from Plantation security:

Update based on information received from Director of Security Bob Shiver-- The storm surge was as high as 12 feet at times. The entire island had water running across it in all low lying areas. The water has mostly receded but bayside debris is on most roads, septic tanks washed up in some areas. Vehicles parked at the airport were covered with water. The maintenance building had water up to the top of the door. Hwy 98 is washed out in areas between Eastpoint and Carrabelle with power lines and trees down. The only access is via Hwy 65. The bridge is closed; only a few law enforcement officers are on the island but they are having difficulty moving around due to dangerous debris. There is no electricity or water/sewer service and utility crews are not working yet. When SGPOA staff is able to get into the Plantation and give further information, we will update again. Please understand that Security is unable to assess specific damage at individual homes; they will only report major damage. Again, at this time, the bridge is still closed so do not attempt to access the island. We will let you know when it is safe to go back.

Latest word from today is: Plantation says some damage to roofs and siding, but no homes destroyed; mostly septic tanks washed up and electric boxes overturned; all the boardwalks washed away. The water is supposed to be back on today but so far no word on when the bridge will open. And of course it will probably be awhile before electricity is restored.