Mid-Asian Ibex

Man! What an hunt! That looks like some beautiful, harsh, primal country in an unknown, forgotten part of the world. Truly an adventure.


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When we get back to Istanbul the AirFrance supervisor tells us our guns are in Paris. They will go on the plane with us back to Atl. Just out of curiosity I go to the help desk when we get there. I show the young man my luggage tickets and ask him if he can verify my bags are scheduled to go on the plane. After 25 minutes on the computer and numerous phone calls he can tell me nothing.
There's quite a line for boarding by the time I get there. When I finally get up to the counter my boarding pass throws an alarm. The lady tells me to step to the side. Tim has been pulled aside too. The other two guys are on the plane. She tells us we cannot fly because we did not declare are weapons. I start laughing like a hyena. Everyone turns to look. I say you mean the bags you lost 10 days ago and I haven't seen since. The same bags this young man right (help desk guy is standing right next to me)here cant even tell me if there on this planet or not. She changed her tune a little after that. We filled out the declaration forms and got on the plane.
Both Tim and my guns showed up in Atl. The two guys that they didn't flag did not. They did get them within the next couple of days though.
Sounds like a pain in the rear but at least you all got them back. So now that it's behind you, no matter how rough it was, you have one of the coolest hunting stories on the board.


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Thank you for posting this and congratulations on a successful harvest.

I wish more people would post/share their trips like this...even those who go out West to do a DIY and perhaps don't come home with their intended quarry. There are so many other priceless experiences and sights besides the harvest. If even one person sees your story and it gets their wheels turning to plan a trip totally out of their comfort zone, you have changed their life in a meaningful way.

"Awesome" is definitely appropriate here.


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Absolutely awesome story, pics, and adventure! I felt like i was there when reading it. congrats on the experience of a lifetime.
When someone in the party has to pick up an AK47 for the trip in, you might be hunting in the wrong place.

What an incredible hunting report. Moving at more than two miles up in altitude, low oxygen (pilots are required to be on supplemental oxygen somewhere close to that height), cold temps, screwy local customs, dealing with the French, and shooting someone else’s rifle? And taking an incredible trophy?

Incredibly well done! Congratulations!

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Thanks guys,
Ive been on a lot of adventures over the years. My two favorite trips locations wise, have one thing in common. High mountians and horses.
I would recommend to anyone if your going on that once in a lifetime hunting trip. Do a back country horse back hunt!


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Very, very cool adventure and hunt. Love ibex. Have been interested in the Spanish slam for years and now this looks incredible. Thx for sharing.