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I contacted Lee earlier this week about coming by his shop and looking at a few of his calls , he said anytime today would be ok so this afternoon i went down to see what he had . When I got there he was in the middle of making a beautiful trumpet call . He graciously stopped and invited me in . After showing me what calls and strikers he had made up he let me have at all of them . Told me which were his favorites ,explained the origins of the exotic woods ,even educated me on the process of call making . Then we talked hunting for a good while and I made the tough decision on which calls were coming back home with me . Can't wait till Saturday morning to try them out . If your in the market for some new calls I highly recommend checking out Misfire game calls . Beautiful and functional . Thanks Lee !


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I've only talked to Lee on the phone but I enjoyed every minute of it. He is good people and makes one heck of a call!! I got him to make me a glass pot out of zebra wood with a pic of my son in it for fathers day a couple of years ago and it is beautiful!!! Even though it sounds great I rarely use it. It's more of a display piece. But this year I am going to try my best to bring a bird to the gun with it!!!!
Makes good pot calls.

I have one of his aluminum pot calls and also a copper call. Both are beautiful calls but the aluminum is a great call when using one of his weather proof strikers.
I'm sure you will enjoy the calls you got from him.


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The pleasure was really all mine Stephen, but thank you for the compliments. Tell your wife next time she takes you furniture shopping, she needs to bring a book or run my dogs:bounce: I am truly thankful you didnt step on me at any time, your a big son ova gun!!!!!:rofl:

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I've got one of his glass pots and should be picking up a copper call this week.

He makes a fine call!!!!! Called in a bird opening morning last year with his glass pot. That thing is pure turkey!!
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I went with the copper and the two sided glass over slate . Both are sweet sounding but the copper is awesome ! No problem Lee , generally save the stompings for the truly deserving . Think we discussed the growing number of these people Saturday and the need to vacate the area .
Top notch call maker and person!!!!You won't find any better.
We here in GA are blessed to have some of the best call makers around located in the state we live in!!!!