moldy feed

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What do y'all guys that feed protein year round do if the feed starts to mold? I have a trough feeder that got some mold growing on the feed. Its in a area by a creek and with all the dew I guess its molding. I got all that I could out, it was just on the surface, and just scattered it but I'm sure it will do it again. Should I stop feeding or just don't worry about it? I had put it out about 1.5 months ago and they quit eating it when the acorns fell. But they are back showing interest. :huh:


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I would just back off the protein until mid to late feb, not getting much benefit from it this time of year anyway


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or mix it with corn so they are getting both....
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Theres only about 10-15 lbs left in the trough, just didn't know if I should leave it there and let them eat whats left or toss it and leave empty until Feb.?


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remove the moldy feed, the deer prolly won't eat it and you don't want them eating it.

Some of the feeds such as Buck Booster have a coating to prevent spoilage. Check to see if yours does.
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Been using "Buck muscle" this year. They were eating about 50 lbs a week, I dumped a bag in and then the acorns and muscadines fell and they quit. Then the hurricanes, cooler temps etc and mold. There is still some disappearing and the deer still stroll by but it has gotten slow.
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So I got all the old feed out and cleaned the trough out, put corn in. Do I need to be concerned that they may eat too much and get bloat (I think I heard somewhere too much corn is not good?)
Is corn a good choice or is there a better feed for winter?


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Corn is good carbohydrates. The deer will not eat 100% corn for it's daily diet, so no worries there. There might be better food out there, but for the money, your deer will be happy.