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Tress pass fees or sub leasing is pretty common here in the west. You are giving someone access to hunting land, but providing no services, which is what outfitters and guides do, thus saving over half on cost, pretty simple to see the differences.
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All NR draw, elk combo's tags have not sold out for quite a few years, elk-deer combination tags are allotted at 17,000, in 2017 17,500 applied. The ranch is in a general district for both elk and whitetails, with extra cow elk tags available.
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There will be 400 or so elk combo tag's available online starting at 5:00 am MST, May 6. I have an opening for 1 group each of rifle and archery season as of today, April 28. Rifle hunt would be on 6500 acres, 2-4 hunters, elk only $2000 per hunter. Archery is available between Oct. 5-20, 1 week, 2-4 hunters, $8000 for group.