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Forever with us

I really like this new Driveler Thread. Dang, I miss our friend, Moonpie, especially when I get online and click on GON every day that I can. :love::love::love:

Good Morning and Happy Sunday to the Wybro, Gobblin, and to the rest of the Driveler Nation.

Blood, I did read back and see that you cooked up another big plate of delicious looking food too. I ALWAYS notice that you like pepper just like I do too. I joke about it and say that you always like a little deer meat (or whatever you are cooking) with your pepper !!!! :D:D:D

Thanks for the coffee Gobblin as I need some to get me up and vertical this morning. I was out and about yesterday and by last night when I got back home, my knee looked really large BUT the "Ice Machine" did its job and after 2 hours of watching football games, the swelling had gone back done thankfully.
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wybro, well finding a moon song was the tuff apart
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EE, morning
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36* outside here. More wood on the fire!!
Mornin Folks!

Mornin Moonbro!
And gobblein, Wy, EE, cramer
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hey Chief and cramer
Gotta roll to Knoxville late this afternoon for Monday, then onto Lexington for Tuesday.
Howdy gobblein, What you up to today?
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safe travels Chief
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a few chores here in the mtns then headed back to Newton County
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got all the windows in the cabin covered in plastic yesterday.

sure cut down on the drafts last night.
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blood I see you got the pepper this morning
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at the camp RIP moon
Yessir, thanks gw. Sounds like you gettin r done.

I've got 5 big chunks of neighbor's Oak I cut off rootball yesterday to split, that will finish it off. Gotta set up another row of 4X4's first to unload little truck bed trailer beforehand though.

Might start on cutting some of the bigger Pecan logs.
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