Moonpie's breakfast Bistro..... What y'all having?

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Gracious at all the good looking vittles!

I’m at hunting camp in SC, by myself til this afternoon. Came out of the woods this morning and fired up the blackstone with some applewood bacon, Tennessee Pride, jalapeño eggs, and bread fried in bacon grease. Might not be health food, but it sure hit the spot.

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Your speaking my language now! Mighty fine!
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Got a little bacon with 3 over easy with hot jalapeno and habanero jack in between. A light dustin' of black peppa and a splash of Texas Pete:fine: And of course a big,tall cup of 8o'clock original. View attachment 946345 Got enough protein here to keep me fueled up for a while!
Looks great! Bet you could light a fine toke off the middle of that plate!

Looks tasty !!!

I made a skillet full of cheddar biscuits, a pack of hot sausage, veggie sausage and scrambled a pile of eggs.....wife & kids said that 9:30am was the target time.

Food was on the counter at 9:28am. Bamsucka !!!

I retreated to the den and finished off my coffee.

Went back into kitchen after a while saw where they had kilt it all....except for a lone survivor biscuit and these two sausage patties. Went ahead and fried myself two eggs and made my plate.

Done 'til tonight.

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Not the best looking meal......but it was superfast and tasted great.

Started with some scrambled eggs with AP-rub & cheese.

Put 'em some wheat tortilla shells.

Jalapeno pimento cheese topping with some hot sauce...rolled 'em up and tore into it. Good until tonight's dinner.

Very nice ...
A day last.

Weather looks super.

Great football games on.

Breakfast made....plans laid fer grilled dinner.

No yard work today.

Gameday chillin'. Just knocked out a glorious pot of coffee. Got my giddyup in gear.

Local Neighborhood market had JD on great sale yessaday....all versions.

Bride's plate. She loves the ugly cheesy biscuit things.....would probably look better if I actually used a cutter on them. :rofl:

My own plate. The garlic in the eggs was spot on.

Applewood bacon, jalapeno aigs, and some toast with homemade muscadine jelly:


Applewood bacon, local sausage, stone-ground cheese grits, and biscuits:


Biscuits, leftover fried elk steak, aigs, and homefries:

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