Moonpie's breakfast Bistro..... What y'all having?

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Ya'll got it going on up in here.......bigtime.

Slept in on my morning off today. Woke up in time to get a pot of strong java made and some breakfast ready for everyone before they were off to classes.

Broke out the Freakshow (name my son gave to the ginormous skillet) and got some bacon going....and some JD Sage in another.

I've had a pile of "favorite" coffee mugs over the years....but this one has made it through without being chipped, cracked, dropped, etc. My son gave it to me at least 10 years ago. ...when the zombie popularity started ramping up.

Used a shallow fajita-skillet to cook some cheesy eggs with garlic. They slid right onto a plate with ease. Makes for a perfect thickness for bacon-egg-cheese biscuits.

Gotta love cast iron cooking. They get cleaned up immediately after use and put away as soon as they cool off. Great heat retention and even surface temps...even on my cruddy electric stove.

Hope everyone has a great day today. I've got some yard work to take care of. Gonna have to brew up some iced tea for enjoying after the yard work is done.
Man, those look good!
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