More backyard bucks!


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Were they fighting over who got to go down the slide first?!?! :bounce:


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that's wild. great pics!

we had a little 5 pt. buck that hung around where i live during the summer a few years ago. he'd come in my buddy's apartment and hang out! no lie. my landlord called a petting zoo and they came and got him. his wife was worried we'd use the little guy for target practice once bow season rolled around. i couldn't have shot that poor, tame buck, though. we affectionately called him "bucky", of course.


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Neat pic's!

It's funny that one buck with the double throat patch is still in it's summer coat. He looks to be the oldest of the two bucks as well and should be a real nice buck in another year or two if it can survive that long.

You can see that their hocks are well stained also. They look like their about ready for some rumbling..... :D


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The difference in their color is interesting.
Very cool pics. Why are they around? Do you feed them? Do you live near a very undeveloped area?
Thanks for posting! :cool:
Hunt/fish safely,
That's COOL :fine:

That dark buck is beautiful!

Bucky T

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I liked the double throat patch too.

I see deer in Georgia all the time with those two color variations. The ones that are slate grey like the smaller buck always have a black stripe that goes from the top of their head down their backs through the back of their tails. Their briskets also have some black mixed in it too. The sandier colored ones never have that black stripe or hardly any black fur what so ever.

I always figured the color variations here in Georgia were a result of the re-stocking program with deer from all over the country.

Cool Pics.



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Great picshav2hunt

Fine looking backyard also :clap: