More Fake News


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I am worth more today than I was at any point under Barrack the Magic Negro. That's hard to argue with even if you are an Anti American chump.

Even the Meskins coming across the border illegal with the thought of death as a penalty get it.

You, not so much. Has your pay increased at all under Trump? Household income? Home value? If you say no to any of these, you are a loser. End of story.


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My pay increased. My tax return increased, I just refinanced my home, lowered my term and paid off thousands in bills. Win, win, win. If anyone else is tired of winning, just stop winning and ship me your profit. That is, unless anyone who is not winning has no job or stuff.


...just joking, seriously.
Trump's policies has helped those who helped themselves.
If you don't work for a living, you didn't deserve a tax break.
The markets right now are responding to the feds and the China tarrif war.
I think those both are good for America in the long haul.
Ask your mom if she got a raise in the past couple years...


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Until the China Trade war ends you will see more companies holding back on spending due to the uncertainties associated with the trade war. That's not unexpected as many companies may have to shift assets into new markets or relocation expenses. Once that settles down look for a large uptick in company spending. It could be an opportunity at stocks in companies affected by the trade war, like auto makers as they could see a large upside swing once the trade wars are settled......putting even MORE money in my pocket!!! Would you spend a lot of your money if you were uncertain whether or not you would have a job next week? Appropriate title though....Fake News.


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Personally benefited from last two years.
At work, we’re buying competitors.

Wait, that takes capital, how could this be?


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My wife & I are both in public sector. Over the years we've set aside a little in investments. It is unreal how much those investments have increased in the last 2 years! Unreal!

If the Dems get in power you can watch them go in the other direction just as quickly....if not faster!!!


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Fake News.... BobbyG.... YOUR FIRED! Liberal trolls are hereby placed on ignore. MAGA baby!


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I represent business men and working class folks. I have only heard one who isn't doing as well and she made a ton off of Obummer's social programs. She told me the other day that she might have to sell her Porche because of that program being cut. I didn't tell her, but that program was dumb and she was raping it.

Good luck socialist!