More Intense Whitetail Rut by Improved Buck Age Structure & Buck:Doe Ratio

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Good to know what can bring more intense whitetail rut experiences.

How Many Rubs Does a Buck Make?

By Kip Adams

According to the University of Georgia’s Dr. Karl V. Miller, one mature buck can make 1,000 to 1,200 rubs per year.
deer herd with an older age structure and balanced sex ratio can produce over 3,000 rubs per square mile
deer herd with a young buck age structure where yearlings make less than half as many rubs, and you may only have 400 to 500 rubs per square mile
yearlings also only make about 15 percent as many scrapes as older bucks. This equates to less sign for hunters to observe, fewer prime places to hang a trail-camera, and fewer “communication” posts for deer to exchange information
As you improve the buck age structure by protecting immature bucks, and as you improve the buck:doe ratio, all breeding behaviors become more obvious and more intense. Rubs and scrapes are more common. Chasing, grunting and fighting are seen more frequently. Hunting techniques like rattling and grunt calls are more successful.


QDMA’s Guide to the Whitetail Rut


GON’s Rut Map

OCTOBER 9, 2017

GA GON Rut Map 2017Oct.jpg

Larger Georgia GON Rut Map graphics image at web link below:

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