More than half of Millennials expect to be millionaires someday, according to a new study

You would be surprised at what they make. I will give you a guess.
From what some past and current workers have told me, if your willing to put in the work and take on responsibility, you can break into 6 figures. I know 2 guys with college degrees that can make a jam up waffle. Most would be suprised at how well those restaurants are run financially
When you were baling hay for 14 a day, that $6000 tractor you were driving now cost $50,000. The bale of hay you were selling for however much is now $60-$70
Was vehicle insurance even a requirement then?
Not to mention the price of a new truck.
How much was your cell phone bill?
Or first house?

Economics has changed. Just as everything else has
There were no cell phones when I was bailing hay for $14 a day. DUHHH!!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Kinda my point. Lots of “ necessities” now that weren’t in place then.
I'm pretty sure the farmer then and the farmer now could give a flip if his day labor had a cell phone bill to pay when factoring what he's gonna pay for the work. The difference is, back then we wanted to work, now days these brats think they are all worthy of an executive position without having to do much work at all.
Maybe they are talking about money devaluation. In other words, a million bucks gets them a new tattoo.
yep - beat me to it! Eventually we will be at Zimbabwe levels of hyper-inflation where you will have to be a millionaire just to survive. I see an opportunity for a new game show too - "WHO WANTS TO BE A GAZILLIONAIRE." I think North Korea already has a game show called "MEAL OR NO MEAL" and the losers get to ride on an artillery shell!
but what's the life expectancy at Waffle House? They seem to attract a lot of gun-slinging crazy customers!
I actually know a few millionaires that love waffle house. They are older, earned it themselves millionaires. Not the new breed of, mama n diddy are paying for 3/4 of my life so I can save all of the money Mickey D's pays me.
With childhood obesity being so rampant nowadays what's the point of them saving money ? I can imagine huge numbers of them not making out of their 50s.
I agree! But if you are that one young person out of ten with a little gumption and don't need to weigh in at the DOT trucking scale the labor market should be wide open for you! Kind of like after the Black Death centuries ago in Europe - if you survived you were almost guaranteed a good job because labor was so scarce.