Morgan Falls Huge Sandbar Bad for Fishing?

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Kayak fished Morgan Falls today.

There's a huge sandbar sitting right smack in the middle of the Hooch just below the tunnels.

I was able to get out of the yak and basically wade fish the tunnels. Been fishing this spot for years and never seen anything like it. The area where I am standing was 6' of water last year with a rocky bottom. No double it's a result of all the rain we've had to start the year. Sorry to say below Morgan falls dam might not be the fishery that it's been years past. Less water less space for fish to hid.

Here's a video that I shot while I was out there showing the giant sandbar -

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Nah i never fish it. I'm targeting striper and i've never seen them on the other side of the wall.

Teh Wicked

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Catch anything? I have never fished the tunnels, but was thinking about going one day to give it a try.
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Got skunked. Striper haven't moved in yet.

I did see one confused stocker rainbow trout darting around so food is there.


...just joking, seriously.
My buddy caught a 15-lb HOG there a couple of weeks ago...
Ya'll need Judah to come back and show you how to get it done! He caught'em before the live bait ban and after! Then he went Saltwater.


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There has always been a shallow spot in that area but I remember it being shallow rocky. I hope it stays. Nice spot to wade and not have to fight the current.

Yeah - it's early.

I have fished behind the wall and around the island. I've caught shoals, spots, and LM.