Mountain Buck

sea trout

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Merry Christmas buck he's awesome!
His coat and face looks very healthy! Yeah he looks like he was a fightin!


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Nice job! I am still working on my first public land mountain buck. They are not easy to find. In the last two years I have seen a handful of does, but I have yet to see an antlered buck during deer season. Of course as soon as the season was over this year I had a beautiful nine point feed in front of me for 10 minutes while I was hog hunting.
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Thanks to all for your kind words! I was not able to hunt much this last season due to some health issues, so I was really happy to be able to get this one that late in the season. This was on private land, not public, and was an easy hunt compared to what I normally do on public land. Jbogg, I have never killed a deer on public land in the mountains either, however, plan on hunting the mountains exclusively this upcoming season. Hope both of us are successful in our quest for public land mountain bucks!