Mountaintown creek


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Sometimes its hit or miss if the gate is open:mad:. Open, drive right up past the lake and park at the upper field. TU did a lot of work quite a few years back. I'd walk 45min or so till you get into the drop/pool gorge area. Large stimulator/attractors with a bead head dropper (pheasant tail works well). Sling shot em up under the rhododendron and let em drift back. The deep overhung runs holds some nice browns. Lower stream fishes well with a #14 EHC with a #20 BWO dropper. Unweighted nymphs work well under the Caddis in the shallows. Good Luck! Let us know how U do!::;
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I am assuming that U want to fish the upper "natural" waters.:huh::huh::huh: Thats my favorite:bounce:!


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a lot of mountaintown is private so be watchful