Moving to the Raleigh area. Any suggestions on locations?

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I will relocating to the Raleigh area before 10/1 for my job, but I have never traveled to the area. Most of my business will be done in Eastern NC and up into VA. I would like to pick a good area to live--for me this means avoiding the city and suburbs as much as possible--but I also am interested in being fairly close to good schools and living opportunities.

Any of you ladies and gents have any recommendations? My job is mostly travel, so my home office location doesn't matter as long as it is fairly close to Raleigh (say 45 minutes to an hour tops).

Thanks for reading and providing any suggestions you may have.


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I don't know anything about the Raleigh area,However I think looking at the crime stats and education stats would be a big help.


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If Eastern, NC is your main area....then I'd certainly recommend avoiding the daily traffic of Raleigh area driving.

Zebulon, Smithfield, Rocky Mount, Wilson or Goldsboro areas are nice, rural...yet have great highway systems to get you to Raleigh.


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move towards Youngsville, about 25 miles north. Raleigh and durham are about as bad as new York city. Youngsville is still a long ways from being anything like ga, but way better than Raleigh.
son moved outside of durham. id look along the wake forest hwy. do you want land or a subdivision? falls lake area is nice. didnt see many problems. houses are expensive.couldnt tell you bout svhools.
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Thanks for the replies. I will look into those areas. So far I've seen a couple areas that look promising.


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Goldsboro. Cousin lives there if you do move there he's a lifelong resident and would be glad to show you the ropes. Get you some Parker's fried chicken.
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wound up finding a nice house out in Angier. It's out in the country, but less than 15 minutes to Fuquay-Varina which has all the conveniences most anybody would want. Been so busy with the new role, that I haven't had any time to get on the forum. Thanks for all the replies. Hope everybody is doing well and had a good deer season. I'm already counting down the days to bowseason.