Muck Boot vs. LaCrosse rubber boot?


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I have always like the Muck Boots. I am looking to get a rubber boot that is comfortable, quiet, and will keep my feet warm and dry. Most important however is the smell. I am leaning towards the Muck boot but my concern is the neoprene on the upper half. Do you guys know if that starts to smell after time? I currently wear my snake boots and they have rubber soles but I want a complete rubber boot to help eliminate my footprint. What do you guys recommend? If I go all rubber I like the LaCrosse boot but I just really like how the Muck Boots feel.



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LaCrosse rubber!!!!! The neoprene TEARS if you walk through any kind of briars. Rubber will last MUCH longer.


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I would say you cant lose with either. You will find some people who have ripped/broken both. I have had Mucks for 3 or 4 years now and I am not easy on them. No complaints of rips or tears here. Comparing them is splitting hairs.


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I guess my biggest concern would be....does the neoprene on the muck boot start to smell over time? lets say you go walking through a creek and they get wet and stay a little damp for a day or two. Would that begin to create a smell?


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Good thought gator808! I just bought a pair of Muck boots and wore them for the first time this past weekend and they felt great. I really hope they keep my feet as warm as every one says!! I will follow this thread to see what comes of this question.They feel great on my feet walking!! My pants legs went over my boots though so I wonder how the neoprene will last with them being covered with my pants.Good luck and great hunting!!!
Not to throw a wrench in your plans but consider the under armour haw boot I love mine, most comfortable knee boot I have rubber bottoms neoprene top, walked thru a lot of briars no tears, but I also have to be the one person in the world who an 11 is to small and 11.5 is way to big in lacrosse, mucks fit great but make my feet sweat like crazy in them the haws don't, hope that helps


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I have the muck snake boot going on 3rd year bottom is coming unglued from leaving in the back of my truck for one afternoon pretty crappy for the $$. My last pair was lacross that lasted for a few more seasons than that they they finnaly wore a hole in the heel from taking them on and off so much.

The mucks are real comfortable though.


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I have had both. The mucks got wet several times and stink. They never seem to dry out. As far as longevity the mucks only lasted me about 3 months before they were torn so bad they were no longer waterproof. The lacrosse sole seperated but after about 2 years of hard use. I would go with the lacrosse burly. My muck boots seemed to stretch after limited use and got a little sloppy on the foot part. Maybe I got a lemon pair but I won't be buying another.



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The last thing I want is to buy a rubber boot that starts to smell after they get wet. It sounds like the Lacrosse seems to be the way to go for longevity and scent free. Thanks for the input guys.


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I've had same pair muck boots for 3 years I wear them only in the woods. when its cold and to be honest I really don't need them I just wanted a rubber boot for no scent trail. Id like to find a option for a rubber boot that won't make me swet to death


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Muck's are extemely warm. If you walk any distance, they will make you sweat. They do get cut by sticks and briars, but I have never been able to smell mine. Burly's are more comfortable for walking long distance. Both are nice, but the main suggestion I would make is to try them on in the store and walk around the store to make sure they fit you well before you walk out with them.
I tripped across a barbed wire fence the other night in my Muck boots. The fence went through the neoprene and gave me a little scratch. However, I submerged them tonight and did not get any moisture on the inside. They are extremely comfortable and very warm. The pair that I have comes with a comfort rating between -20 and 70 degrees. I think I would agree with that. Have no idea about the smell.


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I own a pair of Muck boots as well and love them. As far as them smelling, it says that if they get really wet inside to take out the insoles and dry them with a boot dryer. As far as the neoprene uppers, when they get muddy to just clean them with a soapy water and they are like new. They feel a lot better than my $39 redhead rubber boots.
I have the lacrosse alpha lite 3.5's. Kinda the best of both worlds IMO. Neoprene uppers and sort of a shin guard on the front so the briers don't tear them. The 3.5 is the lowest amount of insulation but there plenty warm for me.
I've had a pair of the Muck Woody Max for over ten years and they are holdind up great. They are only worn when it's extremely cold as they are no more than a set of short waders...Never had issues with neoprene stank either.