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I totally agree Matthew Technical. I hate that phrase. I always just say I'm proud for ya. If ya aint got nothin nice to say, don't say nothin at all. ;)
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I still hate that term. Must be nice to never hear it.


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Sad thing is, our peers, even family, don't want you to climb higher. It subconsciously makes them feel lower. Although, in many cases, it may just be a generic term when they can't think of anything else to say. I can visualize myself saying that to someone..... and honestly say it would not be out of jealousy. ..... I have often wanted to discuss this topic, but thought it would be weird to imply others were jealous of myself or family. And for the record, we almost live paycheck to paycheck, so money is not my mindset. It's like when something that your proud of and wish to talk about, you sense that you should not, because you know your friends will get that blank look on their face, never comment, and then it's awkward. So.... you find yourself, not being yourself. I'm not real good at it, but my wife has shown me much. She is an encourage er. Everyone has to love her because she never has an unkind thing to say about anyone, but more to the point, has something good to say to everyone. People love to be around someone like this. LOL, it has to be natural, not like me, trying to mimic her, otherwise it comes out really weird. I wish I were a natural at it. She makes the perfect friend. One who builds you up, rather than gets jealous. I honestly wish I had friends like that. I recently made the comment that "my circle" was getting smaller and smaller. I did not mean death. I meant that I realized that some were not real friends.


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When we bring home grocery’s from the local Convenient store and the Neighbors see our Vianney sausage and sardines
With the 50cent cracker packs, we can’t help but smile when they say. Must be nice 👍!


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Must be nice to have a thread come back up after all this time.


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Must be nice to have folks saying that to you...

I remember a time it was said about/to me, but not once in the last five years...

Trade places with ya is another one I never hear anymore... for some reason no one wants to trade places with me...

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I'm 73 years old bad heart, bad kidneys,joints wore out, hearing and eyes gone, must be nice to only worry about what someone says.


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I will say, the older I get, the less likely I'm willing to put up with stupidity. Seems to run rampant in people these days....and I'm just tired of putting up with it.[/QUOTE]

Amen brother!
Am I the only one that absolutely hates that term. I've got friends and family that use that term anytime something good happens to folks. My wife can post photos of say our trip to the beach, and be asked about it, after she says we just needed to get away for a few days they will respond. Must be nice. Or you get a new toy or something, and you run I to a friend with it. Then you get a, must be nice. Personally I think it's a term of absolute jealousy, and it drives me nuts. Am I the only one that gets annoyed by that term?

I usually reply with something along the lines of; It's very nice, it's one of the advantages of not living beyond your means.