My Electric kayak build -Walk thru video added

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I Got in some great fishing time in last week. It was only my third and fourth trips in the kayak, and it was fun. I did a mid-week am trip on Wednesday. I was the only boat on the 80 acre lake. Talk about some relaxing fishing, It was awesome.

Started out about 60 degrees in the morning , but quickly climbed to 88 degrees and full sun, but no wind at all. The lake was like glass, ideal for the kayak. I fished with bits of crawlers on a pink jig, suspended under a Rocket bobber. With just a small flip of the wrist, it was easy to send the rig sailing to the Panfish hideouts, ideal for the tight quarters of the kayak.

The bluegills and sunfish were hitting as soon as the bait hit the water! I caught many fish but only flipped a few into my makeshift catch bucket, just enough for a meal for myself. Bass were boiling on the water surface every time I re-positioned the kayak, or when the bait hit the water. Maybe another trip will focus on Bass, but I enjoy the panfishing the most.

I'm getting more accustomed to fishing out of the kayak. A seat cushion placed under the seat was a good creature comfort addition, allowing for a comfortable 3 hour fishing trip. I got the use the anchor system as well on a second outing when the winds picked up. I held the kayak in position nicely. I need to spend more time on this lake! otter1.jpg otter 2.jpg otter 4.jpg
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You sir, are a mechanical genius. Chocolate milk jug light is the best

Thank you, glad you like the yak. Many of the ideas I used were borrowed from others, borrowed from others and modified , or my own design. I have not gotten up early enough, nor stayed out late enough to try the lights out yet. Milk bottle idea was also borrowed from others.

The outriggers just add a lot of stability, its a relatively narrow boat. I went for a swim(involuntarily) in 45 degree river water on the maiden voyage. Built outriggers following day.
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Labor Day Weekend I fished a new lake. It is another 80 acre honey hole, no homes on the lake, and it tucked way back in the state forest lands. Didn't know what the panfishing would be like?????? I was shocked when I picked up a few crappies, biggest ones I have ever caught. Switching gears to hunting now, but it will be the new go to lake for the kayak! Crappies.jpg


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Beautiful water...beautiful fish.

Great job on the yak. Love to see videos like yours showing ingenuity.